Dog Day Afternoon!

Dog Day Afternoon

Haley Reed Step Siblings Caught

Haley Reed and her stepbrother Dustin Daring made a bet, and Haley lost. Keeping up her end of the bargain involves putting on a dog day afternoon collar and crawling around on the ground while following Dustin’s orders. Haley isn’t keen on following through, but eventually, she agrees. Putting her dog collar on, she gets on her knees. Dustin’s first order of business is telling Haley to get out of her clothes.

Pouting the whole time, she strips while trying to stay quiet so that her stepmom, Erica Lauren, doesn’t come in to see her humiliation. Dustin demands that Hayley drink out of a dog bowl. That position puts her heart-shaped ass right up in the air for Dustin to admire and lust over. Finding himself too horny to bear, he pulls out his hard dick and tells Haley Reed to suck him off.

She scowls but complies, wrapping her hands around the shaft and stroking in conjunction with the suction from her hot little lips wrapped around Dustin’s hardon. Eventually, Dustin declares that he can’t cum from just a blowjob and coaxes Haley to let him fuck her. Keeping with the theme of their bet, they start doggy style. Eventually, Haley climbs on top of Dustin and starts riding his hard dick, making her trimmed tight teen pussy throb with delight.

Haley Reed Step Siblings Caught

Dog Day Afternoon - S8:E2

When Dustin gets Haley on her bed and drives into her until she cums as quietly as possible, Dustin doesn’t hold back. He keeps the tip planted inside Haley’s teenage pussy and fills her with a creampie of jizz. The resulting uproar attracts Erica’s attention, and she comes in just in time to catch her stepdaughter and son naked on the couch. You won’t want to miss the wild and crazy Haley Reed who will do almost anything at Bratty Sis, Detention Girls, and My Family Pies!

Actors: Haley Reed