Good Girl Tiffany Watson!

Good Girl Tiffany Watson

Bad Teens Punished

Tiffany Watson is getting tired of hearing about rumors concerning her stepbrother’s big cock at college. She wants proof! When tiffany finally gets the chance, she’s going to ask Peter Skeeter to let her see if as big as her friends say. Finally, the opportunity arises! Cornering him in the laundry room, Tiffany demands to see some cock. Initially, Peter says no, but Tiffany uses her pink teen pussy to convince him otherwise. Suddenly, Peter’s father John Strong strolls by and also sees his stepdaughter trying to seduce his boy. He immediately separates the pair.

John knows fully that he needs to discipline his stepdaughter. He pulls Tiffany’s shorts to spank her perfect ass. It doesn’t take her long to determine that they both enjoy the spanking punishment. Young Tiffany then falls to her knees as John pulls out his hard cock for her to suck. She looks up at her stepdaddy as he vigorously face-fucks her mouth. Peter reappears behind the laundry door but, John refuses to stop as his next stop is fucking Tiffany’s tight pink pussy. He insists that he must watch as Tiffany fucks him as the penalty for their bad habits.

Flexing Tiffany over the washer and dryer, John takes his stepdaughter from behind doggy style to the tune of her happy moans. After that Tiffany hops on the washing/dryer combo, which places her pussy at the best height to take a hard battering from her stepdad. Rising to the occasion, Tiffany is now perfectly placed on the washing machine as John fucks her teen pussy hard. If you’ve ever wanted a POV closeup of Tiffany Watson’s pussy, you are in luck. Now, go thank Nubiles-Porn by showing them some membership love!

Tiffany Watson Bad Teens Punished

Tiffany Watson

Once Tiffany has been sexually satisfied the two return to the floor for some more fucking from behind. Having paid her dues, John knows it’s time for him to blow his wad as a final punishment for Tiffany can be forgiven for her taboo seduction attempt. Ready to spurt, Tiffany gets onto her knees to suck John off until he spews his cumshot on her perky tits. Tiffany Watson now knows what it is like to be a Bad Teens Punished!

Actors: Tiffany Watson