Sticky Stepsister Freya Parker!

Sticky Stepsister Freya Parker

Bratty Sis Freya Parker

Freya Parker enjoys getting dirty. Today, she has opened some yogurt in the refrigerator. By the time her stepbrother, Codey Steele, strolls into their kitchen and finds Freya covered in sticky yogurt. Codey carries Freya to the shower to get cleaned up from the yogurt. He turns around so she can undress in privacy. This is the least of Freya’s concerns as she wants t get another kind of dirty on her mind!

Freya insists that Codey help her remove her clothing off and offer her a hand in the shower. While she’s nude, Freya attempts to get Codey’s hand between her thighs. Confused by the scenario, Codey somehow opts out of the taboo scenario. However, Freya isn’t made with him. Several hours later, Freya lays in bed with a pair of soaking wet panties as she calls for Codey to come to help her.

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Freya Parker Blowjob

When he shows up, he finds Freya’s panties aren’t the only thing wet. Her tight pink teen pussy is trickling with libido. Freya then confesses that she has actually gone through several pairs of panties already that day. Her teen pussy is dripping wet and needs sexual relief. Freya has a great idea that if Codey helps finger her dripping wet pink pussy. Her rationale is if she is able to cum it might stop the pussy juice from flowing.

Codey ultimately agrees, but no matter how much he finger bangs his horny stepsister she just can’t cum. Eventually, Freya states that Codey just needs to fuck her. Codey is finally convinced that he has to hell his stepsister with her dripping wet pussy problem. Freya wraps her hand around her stepbrother’s cock and guides him right into her horny honey hole. Given that she’ so fucking wet, Codey’s dick takes no time at all to slide in balls deep.

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Sticky Stepsister S18:E1

Freya then puts Codys on his back so that she can straddle him and impales herself on his manhood. Codey appreciates the reverse cowgirl POV fucking but prefers her facing him so he can squeeze his sister’s hot ass lick her teen titties with ease. Freya hops off the cock then tastes her own pussy juices before jumping on all fours so Codey can give it to her from behind doggy style.

Fucking his hot step sister from behind is just what Codey needs to bust his nut. Pulling out, Codey coats Freya’s ass with his cum- flavored yogurt. Satisfied with her taboo fucking, Freya has finally achieved the orgasm she’s dreaming about! The Tight Pink Teens team unanimously agrees that Freya Parker needs to be in more barely legal porn. For another glimpse of Freya in XXX action check her out getting some cum in her pussy at My Family Pies!

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