Angel Piaff and Candee Licious: Petite Ballerinas Fucked!

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Angel Piaff and Candee Licious: Petite Ballerinas Fucked!

Angel Piaff and Candee Licious are Petite Ballerinas Fucked honing their routine by doing everything in concert, including rubbing horny teen pussy and barely touched tits underneath their leotards. The flexible ballerina’s prove their fingers are nimble too as they diddle themselves to ready to fuck wetness. It’s nothing unexpected when the two young ladies begin peeling off each other’s garments between workout kisses as they endeavor to soothe a portion of their internal sexual pressure! Suddenly, their dance teacher Max Dior catches the two performing “non-choreographed” moves and decides he better get them back on track, or on his cock as the case may be!

Max finds the two horny ballerinas adsorbed in their demonstration but, they break concentration enough to welcome him to join in their non-approved “ad lib” performance by pulling off his jeans and giving him a two for one blowjob most men can only dream of let alone participate in. Nubiles-Porn has done it again and proves they are not only masters of teen pussy but, filming POV as well. Soon Max has petite pink teen pussy on his breath as he licks them both from behind. Max gets a front row view, as he laps and fingers both Angel and Candee’s shaved teen pussy preparatory to fucking them, both on the ballet dance floor.

Decisions, decisions as Max sinks his prick into Angel Piaff’s pink pussy first. Max proves himself an adept multi-tasker as he fingers Candee Licious before his cock meets her vaginal area in 3, 2, 1. Things really pick up at the 3:04 as the entire staff at Tight Pink Teens give the cameraman three cocks up! 😉 Is there anything  hotter than a tight pink pussy riding your cock revers cowgirl while simultaneously munching on teen pussy sitting on your face? Perhaps, as the next sex position is hotter than hell as well! Enjoy the view as the young ladies move into a position conducive to the goal that Angel can get her pussy fucked while eating Candee out.

When Angel Piaff has released her orgasm on Max’s cock, Candee Licious then gets her teen pussy filled once again missionary style. The Petite Ballerinas Fuck threesome has spent nearly all of their workout energy and all good thing must cum to an end. Max continues to work his cock hard and fast until he releases his seed all over Candee’s taught belly while Angel ensures each drop has been drained from Max’s still throbbing hard cock. We say this frequently but, not without just cause, Nubiles-Porn and their new sites and totally deliver. Check out Petite Ballerinas Fuck and prepare to be amazed with barely legal teen pussy aplenty!