Stepsisters Secret Fetish!

Stepsisters Secret Fetish

Bratty Sis Kyler Quinn

Bratty Sis Kyler Quinn loves to masturbate. Lately, she’s had a thing for using her stepbrothers Virtual Reality to help her out. Rico Hernandez doesn’t understand why his stepsister keeps stealing his VR and bringing it to her bedroom, and Kyler isn’t about to explain. Today, though, Rico is going to find out. Kyler is enjoying her Stepsisters Secret Fetish with the VR when Rico walks in and sees what she’s up to.

He thinks she hasn’t seen him sneaking in, but she has and decides she’s getting the real dick today. Abruptly Kyler starts talking dirty about their stepfamily. Rico is in shock at first, but when Kyler’s fauxcest dirty talk turns into a stepbrother banging her, he decides to go for it. Whipping his stiff cock out, he slides it on in. Kyler acts impressed at how realistic the VR feels as Rico gives it to her hard and fast.

When she finally takes off the headset, she remains cool with her stepbrother banging her. Rolling to her hands and knees, she wiggles her ass to invite Rico to give it to her from behind. He grabs that big ass and slams home to the tune of Kyler’s moans. Kyler pushes Rico onto the bed so she can have her way with him. She mounts him in reverse cowgirl and goes to town, bouncing away.

Bratty Sis Kyler Quinn

Stepsisters Secret Fetish - S20:E10

Leaning back to change up the angle of penetration, she lets Rico drive himself up into her tight teen pussy. That’s enough to give her the climax she’s been chasing, so she hops off the dick and gets on her belly between Rico’s legs. Opening wide, she slurps and sucks in a sisterly blowjob until Rico rewards her efforts with a mouthful of cum. Kyler lets Rico know that she’s keeping the VR and that he can leave now that she’s sexually satisfied.

Actors: Kyler Quinn