Toy Demonstration!

Toy Demonstration

Lizzie Bell, Alana Cruise Moms Teach Sex

Alana Cruise is starting a new sex toy business. She decides to try her sexy sales pitch on her stepson, Michael Vegas, and his girlfriend, Lizzie Bell. She starts by showing off all of the various sex toys that she has on offer Alana quickly convinces Lizzie that the sex aids are best explained with a professional Toy Demonstration. After getting Lizzie naked, Alana offers her the first toy to suck and feel the glassy-smooth texture. Then she slides the toy down Lizzie’s body until she reaches the blonde’s bald teen pussy and slides it in. Lizzie starts moaning almost instantly. She enjoys the toy demonstration and the feeling of having her teenage pussy fucked by Alana’s dildo.

The girls don’t want to exclude Michael, who is eager to join them upon Alana and Lizzie’s invitation. Taking the toy from his hot stepmom, Michael slowly pumps it in and out of her barely legal fuck hole as Lizzie’s gasps of excitement grow louder. While Michael works magic on Lizzie’s hot teen pussy, Alana chooses the next toy she wants to demonstrate. Michael decides that it’s his stepmom’s turn to have some fun. After kissing her, he removes her clothes and plunges the toy into his Cock Hungry Stepmom.

Both girls are soon up on the table enjoying their respective toys as Michael increases their sexual pleasure. Alana and Lizzie are all warmed up and ready for more. Michael spots another toy that he’d like to experiment with. He arranges the two girls on their hands and knees and then slides a double-ended dildo between their sex-starved baby makers so that they can enjoy the sensual toy demonstration together.

Michael finally gets his reward as Lizzie and Alana push him down onto the table for a double blowjob. These sluts can’t get enough of licking and sucking on Michael’s cock, savoring his heavy ballsack. The sex trio rearranges themselves so that Lizzie is on her feet, bent over Alana’s sex toy demonstration table with her face buried in Alana’s pink porn pussy while she gets pounded hard by Michael.

Alana Cruise, Lizzie Bell Moms Teach Sex

Toy Demonstration - S3:E3

Once Lizzie has had her fill of dick, it’s Alana’s turn to lay down with her legs spread wide for a mature pussy pounding while her tongue licks Lizzie’s erect teen clit for one more climax. Their educational fuckfest nearing completion, Michael goes balls-deep in Alana’s milf pussy until he winds up Cumming With Mom. Pulling out at the last moment, he nuts all over his stepmom and splatters Something Sticky for Lizzie to lap up before snowballing into Alana’s mouth. Now, that’s how you perform a sex toy demonstration!