Mommies Game Plan!

Mommies Game Plan

Summer Vixen, Eve Marlowe Younger Mommy

Summer Vixen and her stepson Nathan Bronson are watching the biggest game of the year together, joined by Summer’s friend Eve Marlowe. Nathan is really into the game, but Summer and Eve are getting bored. Eve is also pretty ticked that Nathan keeps hitting on her hard and blatantly checking her body out. The girls supply some snacks in a cute blowup stadium, but they don’t know what to do with themselves once that is done. Eventually, Summer gets the idea to steal her stepson’s toy football and play a game of keep away with Eve while Nathan tries to get it back. That’s when Mommies Game Plan kicks in. Damn the football puns! 😉

Nathan gets increasingly upset until he gets his football back. He spills a drink, using that distraction to stick his cock into the snack stadium. While Summer is angry, Eve is ready to get even with Nathan for his gross prank. She tells Summer that she’s going to see if her little pervert stepson can keep that wood going when “shit gets real.” She tugs Nathan’s big boner out and then leans in to suck it while Summer watches. Not only does Nathan keep his wood, the milf cheerleaders are impressed with his dick.

Eve doesn’t want to stop sucking! Summer can’t deny how hot it is to see how well-hung her stepson is, and while she can’t bring herself to break her marriage vows to Nathan’s dad, she can certainly watch her BFF bang Nathan while giving them Sex Tips. Even is certainly (pardon the Mommies Game Plan football pun) game for a little exhibitionism when it involves getting that hardon all to herself. Finally pulling her lips away from the blowjob, Eve reveals her mature boobs out to give Nathan a titty fuck.

Then she strips out of her football gear and gets down on the couch so that Nathan can eat her pussy. Since he’s been crushing on Eve, Nathan is overjoyed to comply with Eve’s instructions. As his talented tongue makes magic between Eve’s milf pussy lips. Summer strips down and commands Nathan to look at her while she masturbates and to dream about fucking his Cock Hungry Stepmom!

Younger Mommy Summer Vixen, Eve Marlowe

Mommies Game Plan - S1:E2

He gets to enjoy a needy mature pussy as Eve straddles his cock and rides him in reverse cowgirl as Summer laps at her BFF’s tits. Falling to their sides, they engage in some Mom Takes The Team sex. Eve’s experienced snatch patch welcomes Nathan back inside for one final cock onslaught as he now holds the Keys To The Pussy. Crossing the goal line, Nathan covers Eve’s stomach in a celebration of cum while Summer begins preparing her next Mommies Game Plan. Remember, Practice Makes Perfect!