March Stepsister Madness!

March Stepsister Madness

Freya Parker, Kimora Quin, Andi Rose Princess Cum

It’s that time of the year again when college basketball takes center stage. Juan Loco is watching his favorite team when his stepsister, Kimora Quin, and her BFFs, Andi Rose and Freya Parker, interrupt his game. Juan asks them to keep the noise down, but the girls refuse as they want to watch the women’s tournament. The teen girls eventually huddle to determine their March Stepsister Madness game plan. They equate Juan to all men, which means born an asshole.

When the three girls leave the room, Juan turns the game back on under the presumption that he’ll be allowed to watch the game in peace. It sucks for him, but that’s not happening. The girls return with their basketball jerseys hiked up to show off their teen tits. Kimora walks over and turns the game off as the girls get closer and sexier, insisting that Juan needs to pay them attention. When Freya comes up behind Juan and offers him a neck rub, he can’t help but begin to pop wood.

Kimora takes that opportunity to tell Juan that he needs to pay attention to her needs. Looking at her beautiful boobs is better than any stupid basketball game. While Juan’s attention is distracted, Kimora grabs his basketball, putting him in the middle of a keepaway March Stepsister Madness game. With Juan’s back turned Freya yanks his pants down. Kimora then realizes they may have gone too far.

Juan takes a seat on the couch as the girls get on their knees, showing their tits one by one as an apology. By the time Andi has taken off her shirt, Kimora is already sucking Juan’s cock with an apologetic blowjob. Freya and Andi leave Kimora, making out with each other lesbian style. Kimora delivers, then transitions into a titty fuck and soon takes things further, impaling her Asian teen pussy onto Juan’s hardwood for a reverse cowgirl ride. This March Stepsister Madness move gets her BFFs even hotter!

Andi Rose, Freya Parker, Kimora Quin Princess Cum

March Stepsister Madness - S7:E3

Freya wants some of that hard cock, so she gets on her back to invite Juan between her legs while Andi rides her talented tongue. Meanwhile, Kimora gives them a front-court seat to teen masturbation! Andi then takes her turn with Juan, enjoying a teenage pussy pounding from behind as Freya frantically finger fucks her friend’s hot teen pussy. Kimora returns to Juan as Andi gets down to lick Freya’s freshly fucked teen pussy lips. Soon, Juan proclaims he’s ready to shoot some cum, not hoops. Kimora locks her ankles behind his head and holds him deep inside so she can keep his creampie all for herself. We hope all of our readers win their March Stepsister Madness bracket!