My Imaginary Brother!

My Imaginary Brother

Bratty Sis Penelope Kay

Bratty Sis Penelope Kay and her stepbrother Chase Arcangel have an unusual relationship. And it is about to get a lot more unusual. Penelope has decided she wants her brother’s cock, but she has a strange way of going about it. She waits until they’re alone together, then turns away from Chase and starts talking to her imaginary real brother. Inviting her so-called “my imaginary brother” to her room, Penelope stalks out of the kitchen.

She climbs into bed, shows her imaginary brother her tits, and then asks if he likes her panties. She’s in the middle of rubbing her clit and finger-banging her tight teen pussy for her imaginary brother when she decides to take things a step further. Grabbing a stuffed brother bear, Penelope humps the toy while her boobs bounce from the motion. Things are getting good when Chase hears the commotion and peers in the door to see what’s happening.

He cannot figure out what is going on, so he enters the room and asks Penelope straight out. Penelope lets Chase know that she’s playing with her “real” brother, who is bigger and is willing to fuck her. Spreading her thighs, Penelope gives Chase a chance to be the better brother by touching her young pussy. Chase isn’t sure, but Penelope isn’t taking no for an answer.

She gets Chase’s dick out of his pants and lays back so he can shove it in. Chase finds his stepsis nice and wet for his dick as he gives her what she’s begging for sexually. Penelope repays Chase by pushing him onto the bed and blowing him, complete with a titty fuck. Then she climbs on top and sinks onto his hardon for a full-on stiffie ride. She sets a hot rhythm as she leans forward to let Chase squeeze those lovely teen titties.

Bratty Sis Penelope Kay

My Imaginary Brother - S20:E12

Eventually, she leans further back so she can go to work bouncing away. Next, as she gets on her hands and knees, Penelope moans as Chase comes back into her and gives her the pink porn pussy pounding she’s been after. She winds up on her back, watching Chase as he fucks her to one last orgasm before pulling out and covering her from her trimmed bush to her face with his big load. Cum splattered, Penelope Kay lets Chase know she doesn’t need her imaginary friend anymore because now she can fuck him whenever she wants!

Actors: Penelope Kay