Redhead Stepsister Maya Kendrick!

Redhead Stepsister Maya Kendrick

Bratty Sis Redhead Step Sister

Maya Kendrick is watching TV when stepbrother Lucas Frost steals the remote control and quickly changes the channel. He pushes Maya out of the way when she objects and discovers that she’s going totally commando underneath her miniskirt. They briefly stop fighting when Maya’s super hot mother Fallon West scolds them both and takes the remote control.

Fallon then insists that both stepsiblings be shut the fuck up! Suddenly, Lucas whips his cock out and decides to make a moved on Maya, groping her tits. At first, she is concerned they’ll get caught doing something totally inappropriate. However when Lucas reaches under her skirt and finds her throbbing clit. Lucas masturbates her pink teen pussy and Maya simply can’t say no.

Hopping on her hands and knees, she wiggles her hot ass and invites Lucas to get better acquainted. He then takes advantage of her wet pink pussy and slides his prick inside. He is somewhat reluctant though as he searches for his stepmom. Once he’s in the clear, he goes balls deep inside his stepsister. Once full with her brother’s cock, Maya has a difficult time holding the moans and groans with Lucas’s penis inside her.

He reaches out to hold a hand over her mouth and muffles the sounds of taboo sex. When Maya orgasms, Lucas urges that she maintain fucking him so he can cum as well. She has second thoughts at first, then consents to ride his cock as silently as possible their mother folds up the weekly laundry behind her. As they continue to fuck, the horny redhead is all prepared for another orgasm.

Lucas then lifts Maya’s ankles to his shoulders as he pummels her teen pussy to the max. Maya’s nipples are rock hard as she nears one more orgasm. Consumed by pleasure, she can hardly keep her voice down as her body pulses. As her climax subsides, Maya climbs off the sofa gets back down on her knees. She then draws Lucas’s back into her mouth and sucks him to a near cum.

Bratty Sis Facial Conclusion

Maya Kendrick Facial

Lucas then takes control of his cock, stroking himself until he provides Maya with a messy facial. As Lucas leans back in satisfaction, Fallon finally figures out what has been taking place since their argument. She quickly gets up from the table and drags her sweet little girl away for her perverted stepbrother. As someone once said, all good things come to a close. That said, this episode of Bratty Sis featuring hot redhead Maya Kendrick cums to a close!

Actors: Maya Kendrick