A Slice Of My Stepsisters Pie!

A Slice Of My Stepsisters Pie

Britt Blair, Haley Spades Bratty Sis

Bratty Sis Britt Blair and her BFF Haley Spades are making this Thanksgiving one to remember. The horny blonde teens are Home For Dessert baking as Britt’s stepbrother Tyler Cruise is busy crafting a Thanksgiving turkey. Luckily, he is in the perfect position to eavesdrop as the girls as gossip about how pervy their stepfathers are, even peeking at their tits. What’s even more pervy is eating A Slice Of My Stepsisters Pie!

Haley comments how she would totally fuck Britt’s stepfather, and Britt replies that Haley should go ahead because she already did! Then they call Britt’s stepfather into the kitchen to flash him and give him some pumpkin pie with whipped cream. Tyler can’t believe his eyes or ears! Haley points out that Tyler heard and saw all that, and Britt suggests maybe she should have a family fetish fulfillment today.

The girls flank Tyler, teasing him about his crafts, but he is on to their game and has an idea of his own. He slides his toilet paper roll turkey onto his cock. That encourages the girls to tease him even more about what a little turkey he has. Tyler says it’s not little as Britt teases Tyler by getting on her knees and flipping her sundress up. She doesn’t think he will fuck her, but will he get a slice of my stepsisters pie?

She giggles with Haley until Tyler slides it in and starts banging her in the doggy. The sight of her friend getting fucked by her stepbrother is fucking hot, even though it’s taboo. Haley knows it is time for a serious masturbation session before she gets her turn on the dick. Tyler isn’t about to stop with just fucking his stepsister. Haley gets on her back, placing her head in Britt’s lap while Tyler plunges balls deep into the bald teen pussy.

Bratty Sis Britt Blair, Haley Spades

A Slice Of My Stepsisters Pie - S25:E1

The girls want more, so Britt impales herself, frantically rubbing her clit to orgasm in reverse cowgirl. Haley gets one time as she rides in cowgirl with Britt masturbating her teenage pussy to another climax. Then the freshly fucked twosome gets on their knees to suck Tyler off until he rewards them with a double teen facial. If you enjoy turkey day porn like A Slice Of My Stepsisters Pie, check out My Stepsisters Sexy Thanksgiving!