Stepdaughter Shares With Mom!

Stepdaughter Shares With Mom

Vina Sky, Ashley Wolf Moms Teach Sex

Ashley Wolf is hopeful her Stepdaughter Shares With Mom. She is excited to meet the son of one of her husband’s closest friends. When Oliver Flynn arrives from his cross-country flight to stay with Ashley and her stepdaughter, Vina Sky, Ashley greets him warmly. She shows Oliver to his room and suggests he takes a rest from his long flight, but that he be careful of Vina, who is working through some sexual aggression. Vina pops in briefly to eye their guest up and down and then announces she will take a nap.

Ashley reminds Vina that her sheets are still in the wash and suggests that Vina nap in her bed instead. Vina is down for that, even when Ashley decides to take a nap in the same bed. There’s plenty of room, after all. Later, Oliver walks down the hall when he sees the bedroom door ajar. He peeks in and realizes that Vina is awake. She beckons him close and tries to get him to climb into bed with her and her stepmom. Oliver is hesitant, but Vina is quietly insistent. When Oliver eventually spoons behind her, Vina can feel how nice and hard he is.

She tugs his stiffie out of his briefs and pulls her thong down so Oliver can slide it in her tight teen pussy as they spoon. Now it’s a game of holding the moan as Vina and Oliver try not to wake Ashley. When Ashley inevitably wakes up, Oliver and Vina are initially afraid they’ll be in trouble. Fortunately for them, Ashley wants in on the action. Since Vina already has a turn, Ashley gets on her hands and knees and invites him inside while Vina watches, totally shocked.

Vina Sky & Ashley Wolf Moms Teach Sex

Stepdaughter Shares With Mom - S16:E9

Vina gets over herself when Ashley Wolf pushes Oliver onto his back and beckons for her stepdaughter to climb aboard for a stiff cock ride, though. By the time Ashley replaces her pint-sized stepdaughter, Vina is super into it. The girls wind their surprise threesome down as they work together to lick and suck their juices off Oliver’s cock. He rewards their efforts by blasting off into both of their waiting mouths, giving them the treat to enjoy together as they all bask in the afterglow of an outstanding stepdaughter shares with mom fuck.

Actors: Ashley Wolf / Vina Sky