Lexi Lore and Vienna Black Want You!

Lexi Lore and Vienna Black Want You

Bratty Sisi S9:E10

Lexi Lore and BFF Vienna Black are hell-bent on winning the Memorial Day body paint competition. Lexi’s stepbrother, Codey Steele, is loving the part where his sexy stepsister and her best friend are virtually naked as they paint each other’s bodies. He pervs on them for a bit, then asks them what in the fuck they’re doing. Codey teases the girls by acting like he’s going to fuck up their hard work which freaks Lexi out.

Lexi is pissed at the juvenile action but Vienna thinks Codey is kind of hot. He sees a chance to take things further, so he tells the girls he will leave if they jerk him off! Vienna is more than willing to assist, so she whips Codey’s dick out and starts stroking his manhood. Codey and Vienna taunt sister Lexi until she decides to touch it as well. Vienna is smitten with Codey and his big cock. She starts to suck him off and then encourages Lexi to join her.

However, blonde spinner Lexi is too disgusted to suck her stepbrothers cock. That doesn’t stop Vienna from getting on the bed and allowing Codey to slide balls deep into her tight pink teen pussy while holding her thong to the side. Lexi can’t help getting turned on as she sees how much fun Vienna is having fucking her stepbrother. It doesn’t take much longer before she decides to take a ride on Codey’s cock as well.

Bratty Sis Threesome Facial

Vienna Black and Lexi Lore facial

She then gets into Doggystyle so that her teen pussy can take pounding from behind. Next, Vienna settles right into a booty-pumping reverse cowgirl position. Lexi takes one more turn with Codey’s cock as he pummels her bald pink pussy. The threesome comes to a close as both ladies work together to blow Codey until he delivers the BFFs a huge facial. The cum on her face pleases Vienna Black, but Lexi Lore is pissed that Codey has fucked up their body paint before the contest.