Fathers Day Seduction!

Fathers Day Seduction

Bratty Sis Choe Cherry, Sophia Lux

Chloe Cherry and Sophia Lux teamed up to seduce their stepdad Charles Dera for Father’s Day. Chloe starts the party by masturbating loudly in her room. Her big fat dildo shoved balls deep in her hairy teenage pussy. When Charles finally sees what the commotion is, he reprimands Chloe for being immodest. Chloe has her daddy right where she wants him. She pulls out a Fathers Day Seduction card to butter Charles up and then goes in for a hug where she feels that his dick is nice and hard.

Charles doesn’t like Chloe making a move on him, so he bends her over and spanks her ass. The commotion draws Sophia’s attention. She’s jealous of Chloe and doesn’t want to be left out of the fun. Sophia masturbates loudly while having phone sex in the living room to entice her dad to spank her. Charles delivers on Sophia’s wish for a good spanking and then grounds his stepdaughter.

She and step sis Chloe join forces at that point to make a plan that will get their father’s dick for both of them. They wait until Charles is taking a nap on the couch. Then lift the blanket he’s sleeping under so they can start sucking and fondling Charles’s dick. When Charles wakes up, he tells the girls that if they want to behave like nasty little sluts, he’ll treat them that way!

Bratty Sis Choe Cherry & Sophia Lux

Fathers Day Seduction - S10:E1

Once they’ve been told to peel off their clothes, Chloe and Sophia obey daddy and line up side by side on the couch. Now their father can fuck them both doggy style. Then they roll over so Charles can bang Sophia while Chloe masturbates beside her sister. The girls ride their dad, first in cowgirl and then reverse cowgirl. Then they finish Charles off with a double blowjob that leaves them both happily licking the fathers day selection cum off their pretty faces.