Sister Eliza Ibarra Gets Off!

Sister Eliza Ibarra Gets Off

Sister Gets Off - S7:E6

Eliza Ibarra just wants some quality time to herself at Step Siblings Caught. However, it’s almost impossible with her irritating stepbrother Justin Hunt around. She is feeling horny and decides to masturbate in the living room. As she starts playing with her pink teen pussy, her stepbrother catches her in masturbatory bliss. Justin enjoys the show and creeps on Eliza before letting her know he’s watching.

Next, he tries to get Eliza to take the hands that had been diddling her tight teen pussy and use them on him instead. Embarrassed and pissed, Eliza retreats to her bedroom. Later on, Eliza tries to finish what she started earlier and begins masturbating again in the privacy of her own room. Once again Justin strolls in on his stepsister playing with herself as he finds himself hard and horny.

This time, however, there’s no place for Eliza to run away and Justin refuses to leave. As a last-ditch resort, Eliza offers to give her stepbrother a blowjob if he’ll simply go away after he cums! Not surprisingly, Justin accepts. Eliza then pulls his big dick into her mouth and begins sucking. Her head bobs on Justin’s cock as he pulls her hair and guides each stroke.

When it takes Justin too long to cum, Eliza Ibarra consents to fuck him so he’ll finally leave her alone. Her landing strip fuck hole is tight and wet as Justin slides in balls deep. As he pounds away Justing enjoys the feel of Eliza’s teen titties in his hands and pummels his sister for all she’s worth. Eliza quickly discovers she’s into taboo sex and decides its time for her first orgasm. She then gets on her hands and knees for a deeper doggy style fuck.

Step Siblings Caught

Eliza Ibarra Step Siblings Caught

Things cum to a close as Eliza mounts Justin’s impressive cock so she can get off once again. He enjoys the POV show of his own step sister riding his hardon. Climbing off, Eliza once again takes Junstin’s dick into her mouth. Her oral prowess proves to much to resist as Justin blows his wad. Unfortuneatly, he totally misses giving her a well-deserved facial. You suck for that Justin! For more exotic Eliza Ibarra, check her out on Nubiles-Porn sister site Bratty Sis!

Actors: Eliza Ibarra