You call that Spanking, Daddy?

Brad Newman cannot believe exactly how late his stepdaughter Jane Wilde is returning home from her latest horseback session. When Brad confronts her upon her return, Jane’s lies just infuriate him. He’s suspicious that Jane has been fucking her horseman. Madder by the minute, Brad bends Jane over his knee to spank her with her personal riding crop as punishment.

Well, it doesn’t take Brad long to figure out that Jane is into the spanking as the fragrance of her pink teen pussy juice permeates the room. Jane can feel the bulge in good old stepdaddy’s pants as his dirty cock is getting hard. Jane realizes her teen pussy is in control. Pussy power now rules and Jane is going to use her private parts to her permanent benefit. Massaging Brad’s prick, Jane sinks to her knees, whipping it out to showcase her oral talents on a cock twice her age.

Jane’s cock sucking skills are impressive and it is only a matter of time before Brad’s white stallion is ready to be mounted. Jane proves her horse riding lessons have paid off nicely as she seats her tight little twat on top of daddy’s dick. Reverse cowgirl takes on an entirely new meaning as Jane’s rides his hardon in pro rodeo fashion. She enjoys showing off just how well all those horseback riding sessions have prepared her for this moment of animalistic taboo pleasure.

Jane then reverses sex positions turning around into Brad’s arms so she can look into his eyes while she rides him for all thee’s worth. All Brad can do is hang onto her hips an enjoy the ride! The older younger couple then moves from doggy style to missionary fucking as the old man fucks his disobedient child in authoritative fashion.

It’s only a matter of time before Brad’s master blaster is going to blow. Jane’s dirty talk only adds to the taboo fashion as he barely pulls out in time to cover her belly with enough baby batter for twins! She spreads her upper legs wonderful in addition to broad to accommodate him as he brings her off one last time. Pulling out, he provides her the face that she pleads for to leave her covered in cum. Once again, our friends from Nubiles Porn know that “Bad Teens Punished” makes for great porn!

Actors: Jane Wilde