Delilah Blue: Nobody Rides For Free!

Delilah Blue: Nobody Rides For Free!

Fresh young thing Delilah Blue’s car has broken down in the middle of nowhere, and we mean nowhere. Just as the vultures start to circle signalling her demise, Delilah is offered a ride to safety by a good Samaritan passerby. While thankful for the lift, confesses she won’t be able to repay his effort of kindness. At first, the rescue driverXXX tries to take the noble approach of non-payment for a good deed but, Delilah Blue won’t hear of it. She readily offers her sexy teenage body as repayment. It doesn’t take long and soon the driver has his hands all over her voluptuous teen tits and young supple thighs.

Pulling her good Samaritan’s cock out, Delilah Blue is all smiles as she finds the cock flesh hardening, ready to be sucked. It doesn’t take long for one to see that this does not appear to be Delilah’s attempt at giving some “road head.” She works the cock like a pro and pushes the driver to the point where it’s necessary to pull over to avoid an accident. Explain that one to your insurance agent! 😉 Once safely parked on the side of the shoulder and away from traffic, a short “touchy feel me” session segues into a much longer proper blowjob. Now, Delilah can really work her mouth and showcase her Deep Throat skills.

The duo appears to be hitting on all cylinders now as the driver fingers her juicy teen pussy best he can in this position. The couple then decides to get out of the car, opening the back of the truck so that they can continue their fuck session. Delilah Blue is now totally stripped naked and hops onto the tailgate to allow better access to her pink pussy. The good Samaritan fingers Delilah’s pink teen pussy for all its worth, then fills her barely legal snatch with his rock hard cock. The two embark on a spirited coupling, rough enough to allow Delilah’s jiggling boobs to bounce for our viewing pleasure as her teen pussy gets fucked hard.

Her moans of sexual pleasure proves she is paying her debt off as appropriate, with her teen pussy! Enjoy the show as they fuck in several positions that seem to satisfy all concerned. Delilah Blue will only stop after she has been satisfied by multiple orgasms. Hey, her teen pussy deserves pleasure too! Once her pink pussy cums for the final time, she moves to the side of the vehicle, drops to her knees and awaits the splatter of cum across her gorgeous face. Is there anything better than a facial mustache, especially on hottie Delilah Blue? We can thank the staff at Tight Pink Teens and our friends at DriverXXX for this kick ass video!

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