Peta Jensen Big Boob Workout!

Peta Jensen Big Boob Workout

Peta Jensen requires a strict fitness regimen to maintain her tight body in perfect form.  Like many Big Boob models and pornstars, she fulfills her physical activity needs be by working out. And SEX! Peta she will not quit up until her hard body, and Big Tits are covered in sweat. Peta’s covered in sweat as well and puts her hot body through the paces, skipping rope, weightlifting, until she is satisfied to the max. As she is doing her cooldown yoga stretches, lucky male talent and fellow workout fanatic Ryan Driller joins her in the fitness center. Peta Jensen smiles and then Ryan plants a passionate kiss on her sweaty lips. Now, it is time to work out a completely different muscle group!

Peta Jensen grins ear to ear as Ryan plants kisses aplenty all over her glistening globes! Ryan then sets Peta’s titties free as he continues to kiss her salty body. Ryan then massages her plump melons from behind, and it’s only a matter of time before the real action begins. Fast forward the NF Busty clip slightly, and we are treated to a magnificent sight of Peta’s tits swaying as she manhandles Ryan’s hard cock from behind. The horny workout companions continue to pound away doggy style and then segue into a raised doggy style which takes some work to keep your dick properly angled inside. It’s evident, both have attempted this workout routine before! Never one to be a dull, boring lay, Peta urges Ryan to set on the bench she was using just moments before to workout.

Now, it’s time for Ryan to work out his baby making machine. Once he’s appropriately positioned, Peta Jensen climbs on top of him and supports herself with her feet on his upper legs. Slowly she positions herself to make sure that her slick pink pussy engulfs every inch of his stiffy. Peta parts her teen pussy folds until she is entirely impaled on Ryan’s cock. As the pair find seats themselves settling into a synergistic workout turned fuck session, Ryan focuses on finding Peta’s G-spot with the bulb of his engorged porno penis. Peta’s eyes say it all as they roll with each G-spot contact.

Peta Jensen’s Perfect Tits and Orgasm

Peta Jensen enjoys one orgasm after the other as Ryan does his best to satisfy his workout partner. However, Ryan can’t last an additional second as Peta’s tight pussy walls grip his cock faster and tighter. He waits until last possible moment before applying his version of post-workout muscle cream to Peta’s heavenly hangers. Her tits now covered in hot fresh cum, the two have both accomplished their workout goals for the day. The Tight Pink Teens team once again pays tribute to our partner Nubiles-PORN and their family of barely legal taboo teen porn sites. NF Busty is just one example of their dedication to finding the tightest pink teen pussy on the planet!