Step Sis Wants A Bad Boy!

Step Sis Wants A Bad Boy

Riley Jean Step Siblings Caught

Riley Jean’s mom has separated from her husband and has lost an underachieving stepbrother in the process. Tyler Steel no longer lives with them but comes over when Riley’s mom is at work so he can do laundry. Riley doesn’t want to be alone with Tyler. She knows he’s a bad influence and tries her best to make him leave. She finally gives in, and when she goes to the living room, Riley finds him nearly undressed in his boxers. He eventually convinces Riley to strip down to her polka-dot bra and panties. Little does he know his Step Sis Wants A Bad Boy!

The former stepsiblings are hanging out together when the doorbell rings. Riley freaks out, thinking it’s her mom, and tells Tyler to hide. When it turns out to be a Special Delivery and not their mom, Riley and Tyler cozy up on the couch again. Tyler eventually convinces Riley to show off her teen tits. She quickly puts them away. Now that Tyler has broken the ice, he hopes there will be No Interruptions until after he fucks his Stepsisters Tight Pussy. Tyler takes the opportunity to pop out his hard cock.

Although Riley downplays his sexual advances, the Step Sister Lends A Hand to her bad-boy stepbrother and touches his dick. In return, Tyler wants to do some touching of his own. Next thing Riley knows, her badass bro is groping her hard. Leaning in, Tyler samples Riley’s floppy teen pussy lips in a persuasive argument that they should go ahead and explore their Mutual Attraction. Riley eventually gives in, opening her mouth to start sucking her stepbrother off. They enjoy a gymnastic 69, then return to the sofa, where Riley climbs onto Tyler’s fuck stick to learn how incredible her brother feels inside her hairy teen pussy.

Riley Jean Step Siblings Caught

Step Sis Wants A Bad Boy - S14:E7

Tyler’s hands are everywhere, caressing and spanking her ass while allowing Riley to set the pace. Putting Riley on her back, Tyler sinks balls deep into her wet teen pussy. As he spoons with her from behind, Riley enjoys one final climax as Tyler pounds her hard and fast. She returns the multi-orgasmic favor by getting on her knees as Tyler whitens her teeth with The Money Shot. If you enjoyed Riley getting railed in Step Sis Wants A Bad Boy, check her teen pussy get filled to the brim at My Family Pies!

Actors: Riley Jean