Bratty Blonde Sister Lexi Lore!

Bratty Blonde Sister Lexi Lore

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Lexi Lore has consented to assist her stepbrother Logan Long with his homework in trade for allowing her to borrow his automobile. This hot fucking petite blonde spinner has places to go, and cocks to fuck! Almost defiantly, she tells Logan to do it himself. Logan sees the possibility to agree to a different type of arrangement from his sexy stepsister. Taking out her boobs so he can squeeze the round nipples and fine-tune her pierced nipples, Logan informs her he’ll accept having sex with her instead.

It takes Logan time to find Lexi’s clitoris. However, he’s willing to learn what it takes to please a woman. Kneeling in between Lexi’s tight thighs, Logan tries his best to work his tongue while his hands work his sister’s fair-skinned teen tits. When Logan asks Lexi to suck his cock, her braces-filled mouth cannot hide her taboo sin grin. She adheres to his demand, opening her smart-alecky mouth.

Logan then lets his hand guide her back and forth movement as she strokes him while sucking his dick. Working her way towards a deep-throat blowjob, Lexi shows Logan that she’s plenty experienced in the art of pleasuring her partners. When Logan tells her to get on her hands and knees on the sofa so he can fuck her from behind, Lexi gladly complies. By now, she is quite keen on her stepbrother’s large cock, which makes it a simple request to ask her to climb on top so he can fuck her shaved pink teen pussy.

Bratty Sis Facial

Lexi Lore Bratty Sis Facial

Lexi then arranges herself on the couch with her legs spread apart to give her stepbrother plenty of space to pound her tight teen pussy. Logan holds absolutely nothing back until Lexi is screaming in orgasmic bliss. In return, Lexi gets back on her knees and lets Logan stroke himself off until he unloads a huge facial on his sister. If you love Lexi Lore as much as the Tight Pink Teens™ team, check out her barely legal video clips at Step Siblings Caught!

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