Step Sister Lends A Hand!

Step Sister Lends A Hand

Alina Lopez Step Siblings Caught

Alina Lopez takes her duties as Seth Gamble’s stepsister very seriously. She doesn’t want her stepbrother fucking any of the neighborhood whores. So Alina takes care of his needs before he’s allowed to go out. This Step Sister Lends A Hand. Today, Alina helps Seth jerk off by giving him a much-needed handjob. They both pretend not to be into it until Seth cums into a waiting towel.

Only then is Seth allowed to go out with his friends since he no longer has pent-up sperm to release. When Seth returns, Alina is waiting for him. She claims she needs to test him to ensure he didn’t fuck with any of the neighborhood girls. She pulls his pants down and says that he has been a good boy if Seth doesn’t get hard. Of course, when Alina lays eyes on his dick, Seth gets hard immediately.

She responds that he needs the cum milked out of him, and the only way she can think to do it is to fuck him. Pulling up her miniskirt and shoving her thong aside, Alina impales her Latina teen pussy on Seth’s rock-hard cock. Alina’s cock ride may be inappropriate, but there is no stopping now. The taboo twosome fuck in cowgirl and then in reverse cowgirl as Alina’s wet teen pussy orgasms repeatedly.

Alina Lopez Step Siblings Caught

Step Sister Lends A Hand - S17:E6

Alina Lopez gets on her knees so Seth can fuck his sister’s beautiful teen pussy from behind. Then she rolls onto her back so he can give her some payback for giving him handjobs on a daily basis. When she is finally satisfied by Seth’s sexual performance, Alina pushes him onto his back and provides him with the best blowjob in his life. He then rewards her with a mouthful of hot cum. Content that she has fulfilled her Stepbrothers Dying Wish, and protected Seth from the neighborhood teen sluts, Alina licks her fingers clean of his sticky treat.

Actors: Alina Lopez