How Far Can You Shoot Your Load Stepbrother?

How Far Can You Shoot Your Load Stepbrother

How Far Can You Shoot Your Load Stepbrother - S20:E3

Molly Little and her friend Khloe Kapri discuss everything. Today, they’re in Molly’s bedroom chatting about how much they like it when guys blow their load across various distances. Longer is obviously better. Molly’s stepbrother, Jay Romero, walks in at the wrong time to hear the girls talking about five feet. He mistakes that they want a dick that’s five feet long, which makes the girls ridicule him. But actually, it’s How Far Can You Shoot Your Load Stepbrother?

Later, Khloe and Molly decide to play with Jay. They approach him with a cup of lemonade and tell Jay that if he can shoot his load five feet to hit the glass, then Molly will let him fuck her. Jay agrees, so Khloe kneels to measure five feet and then jerks Jay off. He hits the mark and blasts cum all over Molly’s face. True to her word, Molly joins Khloe orally,  sucking Jay’s cock and balls.

Hopping onto the couch, the Aggressive Stepsister Wants Sex! Molly peels her clothes off and spreads her legs for Jay to sink into that tiny teen pussy. Khloe isn’t satisfied just watching the show. She wants some dick for herself. Like a good BFF, Molly is more than happy to share. Getting on her hands and knees, Khloe takes it in doggy as she licks Molly’s teen pussy lips. Then Jay sits so Khloe can impale her hot teen pussy in reverse cowgirl.

Khloe Kapri, Molly Little Step Siblings Caught

Khloe Kapri, Molly Little Step Siblings Caught

My Little Stepsister Molly wants some doggy-style action. She gets on her hands and knees to mirror Khloe’s spot in the middle of the sweet teen pussy sex sandwich. That’s enough to push Jay to the edge. The girls get Jay off for the second time that afternoon. This time with another handjob until he gives it to them in a facial that leaves both girls sticky and satisfied. For more Khloe Kapri and Molly Little, be sure and check out their taboo teen porn videos at Cum Swapping Sis and My Family Pies!