Thanks For The Ride Kasey Warner!

Thanks For The Ride Kasey Warner!

Gorgeous brunette and certified teen pussy holder Kasey Warner took a cab home. Simple enough right? However, she forgot her handbag and phone somehow, somewhere within the driverXXX car! Finally, she is able to meet up with the driverXXX to retrieve her belongings. Innocently enough, they find themselves within the cramped confines of the back seat of the automobile as Kasey has trouble with her handbag. All part of driverXXX plans (or Kasey Warner’s) of course. We call this Tight Pink Teens update, “Thanks For The Ride Kasey Warner!”

Things heat up at once when drivingXXX leans over to retrieve her handbag. He is greeted with a cock grab of sincere gratitude. Kasey is completely into it, rubbing her hand on the driverXXX shaved cock intent to show her appreciation for finding her missing belongings with Fellatio aplenty! Losing a handbag is serious stuff fellas! Who knows what kind of personal belongings might have been inside. One thing that is apparently not part of Kasey’s handbag contents is a condom! Things progress from there with a kiss and totally deliberate stroke of Kasey Warner’s teeny tiny tits.

Kasey finally manages to shimmy out of her garments and now it’s time for a nice thank you fuck! Not so fast there driverXXX, you better finger her pink teen pussy properly and get it good and wet! There isn’t a whole lot of “fuck area” within the automobile, however Kasey and her man deal with the lack of space in an appropriate (perhaps, inappropriate) and creative fashion! Kasey leaning over the driverXXX seat that offers her teen pussy from behind which facilitates fucking in doggy style position. Hold on and enjoy the teen pussy pounding!

It’s clear that Kasey Warner is not an easy lay. Perhaps, somewhat complicated as she takes control of the sex scene from the beginning. Teen Pussy Power! She knows what she’s doing and the dude has to know what the fuck he’s doing as well! Kasey is a total fuck monster loving every moment of pussy pounding received. Her supple hips stay in near constant gymnast like synchronization even when she climbs on top to purposely climax all over driverXXX’s cock.

There’s nothing stopping Kasey Warner from riding the driverXXX shaved privates until she’s had her fill of fucking and cumming. They end things off with Kasey on her back missionary position as she frigs her clit with clinical precision. driverXXX continues to drill her tight teen pussy for all it’s worth! Kasey’s final orgasm milks the fuck juice right out of her driverXXX cock, exploiting her teenage twat crammed with a hot and sticky creampie. As the scene comes to a close, we can almost hear driverXXX utter, ?Thanks For The Ride Kasey Warner!” For the sake of them both, let’s hope she is on the Pill!;-)

Actors: Kasey Warner