Let Me Touch It!

Let Me Touch It

Kiara Cole Step Siblings Caught

Let Me Touch It begins with Codey Steele and his stepsister Kiara Cole making a bet, which Codey lost. His punishment is that Kiara gets to see his dick three times. Today, Kiara has decided to call in her third and final viewing. Codey is in bed, and Kiara knows he has morning wood, so she wants to check his cock out at its largest and hardest. Eventually, Codey gives in and lets Kiara have her glimpse of his dick. However, when she wants to do more than look, he gives her a firm no.

Kiara eventually leaves, but she’s not ready to give up on her dream of doing more than looking at her stepbro’s big one. Kiara gets her chance later when she looks for the remote control and learns that Codey has it. She climbs on top of him to try to get it back, but in the course of her retrieval attempt, her grinding ass gives Codey a hardon. This time, she’s not taking no for an answer!

Kiara sinks to her knees and pops Codey’s fuck stick out so she can worship it properly. She starts with her hot wet mouth and long strokes of her talented hands. Kiara then lifts her miniskirt and pulls her thong aside. Finally and sits herself down so that she’s fully impaling her tight teen pussy on her stepbro’s boner. Riding Codey in cowgirl is nice an all, but Kiara isn’t about to let herself be constrained to a single sexual position.

Step Siblings Caught Kiara Cole

Let Me Touch It - S15:E9

She sucks her teenage pussy juices off of Codey’s man meat and then turns around so that her back is to him as she continues her ride. Now that Codey has experienced his stepsister’s snatch, he doesn’t want to give it up. He gladly takes her doggy style. Then flips Kiara Cole onto her back so he can give her young pussy one last climax as they lock eyes. Pulling out, Codey gives in to Kiara’s pleas to give her a big cum shot. Blasting baby batter all over her tight stomach, he enjoys a nice orgasm courtesy of his horny stepsister.

Actors: Kiara Cole