Sweet Dreams For Step Sis!

Sweet Dreams For Step Sis

Bratty Sis Alexis Tae

Guess What Happened On Halloween? Bratty Sis Alexis Tae can’t get enough of watching scary movies. Her stepbrother, Tony, walks in on Alexis as she covers her exotic eyes from a horrific scene. He tells Alexis she will have nightmares if she keeps watching scary shit on television. Alexis claims that she’ll be fine, but Tony tells her not to come crying to him later. He’s unsurprised when Alexis creeps into his room that night and claims she can’t sleep. he knew after all the blood and gore, it would be impossible to have Sweet Dreams For Step Sis!

Tony is inclined to kick his stepsis out, but when she slides her hand onto his dick and clarifies her position. She will give him a Trick For A Treat for letting her stay. Alexis immediately makes good on her promise, turning around on her knees so Tony can palm her sexy black ass and admire how good it looks. Turning around, Alexis pulls Tony’s big cock out and leans in to start deep-throating him. Running his hand through Alexis’s hair, Tony encourages his stepsis to give it her all as she deep throats his dick.

Now it’s time for more Fun And Games With Stepsis. He instructs Alexis to climb onto his dick and ride him inside her ebony snatch patch. After another blowjob to clean her sweet teen pussy cream off Tony’s cock, Alexis climbs aboard again, reverse cowgirl. That big black booty-bouncing demands more sex. So Alexis climbs off and gets down on her knees with her head on the bed as she hikes her browneye in the air.

Bratty Sis Alexis Tae

Sweet Dreams For Step Sis - S15:E11

Tony doesn’t hesitate to take her up on the taboo offer, sinking balls deep into Alexis’s black teen pussy. He flips Alexis over and pounds her hard as they take turns rubbing her exposed clit. When Alexis has been sexually satisfied, she gets back on her knees and sucks Tony off until he coats her throat with Cum Tea. Now that Alexis Tae isn’t scared any longer, Tony agrees she can stay so he can give her Sweet Dreams For Step Sis on a nightly basis!

Actors: Alexis Tae