Melody Marks Works Out Stepbrothers BBC!

Melody Marks Works Out Stepbrothers BBC


Melody Marks distracts her stepbrother from his television time to request ideas on enhancing her cardio workout. After a little coaxing, Tony consents to provide Melody some suggestions. He begins by checking out her workout outfit and asking if she has any other equipment. Melody comes back with a simple jumping rope and consents to allow Tony to videotape her routine.

Melody performs one exercise after another. With each subsequent exercise, Melody’s outfit falls off her body to reveal her boobs a little more. Frustrated, she despises everything about this workout. Lastly, Tony informs her that fucking his Big Black Cock (BBC) is an additional type of cardio. Melody ponders the suggestion for a while and eventually concurs. She then starts her sexy brand-new cardio routine on Tony’s dick with a warmup blowjob.

Tony urges Melody completely, telling his sister what to do as she rubs and tugs his throbbing cock. When they move to the bedroom, Melody begins to master a whole new taboo workout routine that she never knew existed. The pace quickens as Melody gets on her hands and knees with Tony peeling off her sports shorts and underwear. Then Melody rolls onto her back and spreads her legs as she massages her teen tits, offering a front-row view of what his step-sibling offers sexually.

Tony takes the next step and shoves his cock into Melody while she is on her back. Listening to the chorus of her groans, he finally gets his hands on those busty teen titties as he fucks his sister. Then he places Melody on her stomach so he can go to town with a doggy style pink teen pussy pounding that leaves her panting for more. Tonys gets it and continues to fuck Melody Marks teen pussy until she’s almost breathless.

Bratty Sis BBC Facial


Melody climbs aboard Tony’s fuckstick and impales herself ht his manhood. She works tight pink pussy grinding on Tony’s enlarged balls. Melody knows just how to work her clit as her fuck canal clenches with one orgasm after another. She achieves relief in both reverse cowgirl and cowgirl. After one final climax, Melody climbs off Tony’s very wet rod and sucks his stiff BBC until he nuts in her mouth. That’s the kind of exercise this horny Bratty Sis can enjoy!

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