My Step Sis Is A Gamer Girl!

My Step Sis Is A Gamer Girl

Bratty Sis Sarah Lace

Bratty Sis Sarah Lace is a gamer girl, which pisses off her stepbrother Charles Dera when he’s trying to sleep. Charles tries to tell Sarah to keep it down, and she agrees she’ll try. A few minutes later, though, he wakes up to the sound of something vibrating. Sarah swears it’s her controller as she’s hiding her vibrator behind her. Charles gives her the lie, but Sarah immediately goes back to work on her pussy when Charles lies down again.

This time, Charles confronts Sarah again. She admits it’s her mom’s vibrator, but she’s so horny. After some back and forth, Charles tells her that he wants to get back to sleep. With her stepbrother’s cock so close, Sarah offers Charles a deal where she’ll suck him off until he falls asleep. He eventually agrees to take her up on it after she shows off her tongue and ass for his pleasure.

Sarah takes her time stripping out of her leggings for her stepbrother, spreading her ass cheeks for the full view whenever Charles asks. Eventually, she finally delivers a hot stepsister blowjob with plenty of deep-throat action. Of course, oral sex isn’t nearly enough for this cock craving coed. Eventually, she asks Charles to fuck her so she can cum. Getting to her feet, Sarah leans over the table so Charles can bang her gamer girl pussy from behind.

Bratty Sis Sarah Lace

My Step Sis Is A Gamer Girl - S18:E10

That nice cock is one thing, but Sarah decides to roll over and use the Rabbit to show Charles how she wants it. After watching his stepsis’s demo, Charles puts his cock where the toy has been. They keep on like that until the couch draws them across the room. Pushing Charles onto his back, Sarah once again sucks him off and then climbs on top to bounce away on the dick. Sarah is prepared to do all the work, but Charles eventually gets her on her back to give it to her once again. When gamer girl Sarah is finally satisfied, Charles pulls out and erupts all over his belly. Sarah swears she’ll be quiet and let Charles sleep. However, he can cum have Fun And Game With Stepsis whenever he’s having trouble getting sleepy.

Actors: Sarah Lace