Keilani Kita V Bounce Challenge!

Keilani Kita V Bounce Challenge

Keilani Kita is training for the V Bounce Challenge when her hot stepbrother Jason walks in. Surprised, she insists that it’s the most up to date viral trend. Keilani plans on rocking the internet while doing it in her tiny little skirt to get a ton of views. Her secret page view weapon becomes clear when she shows Jason that she’s going commando and not putting on any type of underwear.

However, her plan is only half-cocked (pun intended) as Keilani needs someone to video this latest social media craze. Jason agrees that he’ll capture Keilani on film, but only if she bounces on his hard cock first. True to her word, Keilani has Jason videotape her practicing, then lets Jason film her jumping on his prick. Keilani is teasing however she’s not a blue-balls cock tease. So when she’s finished with her video clip portion, Keilani consents to Jason’s desire to cum.

Keilani initiates their taboo fuck session with a sisterly blowjob that must be seen to be believed. Then she peels off her clothes and flips onto her back so he can receive Jason’s stiff prick into her welcoming pink teen pussy. Keilani loves having Jason buried balls deep in her fuck orifices and plans on utilizing many sex positions as payback. Next,  she has her stepbrother fuck her from behind doggy style next.

Keilani Kita Bratty Sis Facial

After that, she climbs aboard Jason’s hardon and offers him a wet ride deep inside in her tight pink pussy. The siblings enjoy this position until he has made his sister cum multiple times. Finally, Jason can’t take any more of seeing his sister’s titties bouncing in his face as she grips his penis hard with each stroke. When she drops onto her back one last time, Jason knows he can only withstand a few more in and out strokes of his sister’s wet teen pussy. Pulling out at the last moment, he provides Keilani Kita a facial of jizz that oozes down to her sweaty breasts.

Actors: Keilani Kita