My Stepbrother Wants To Feel Me Up!

My Stepbrother Wants To Feel Me Up

Bratty Sis Aria Valencia

Bratty Sis Aria Valencia enters the living room where her stepbrother, Jay Romero, is watching television. When Jay comments on how many shopping bags Aria has, Aria admits that she has an impulse control issue. Jay tells Aria that he has an impulse control problem too. He wants to run up to random girls on the street and lift their shirts, then runs his hands over their nipples until they’re hard. Aria asks Jay to show her. She meant over her shirt. However, when Jay lifts her shirt and gives her an actual hands-on demonstration, Aria doesn’t stop him. She thinks, My Stepbrother Wants To Feel Me Up.

Jay’s embarrassment is overwhelming when Aria says she wasn’t expecting him to rub her boobs. So he runs out of the room. Later, Aria and Jay are cleaning the dining room when Aria tries to make it up to her stepbrother by telling him that she has sexual impulses, too. She wants to play with the dick while acting like nothing is wrong in front of a guy’s mom. Aria then offers to let Jay play with her tits again. He does as Aria asks, then inquires whether that means she will try to play with his dick in front of his mom.

They agree to roleplay instead of doing it for real since they all live together. Aria doesn’t want to make things awkward. Talking out her fantasy as her hands play it through, Aria unzips Jay’s pants. Then she rubs him, saying she’d probably want to suck on his cock. Dropping to her knees, she makes good on that part by sliding Jay’s hard dick into her mouth for a sloppy step sibling blowjob. The two stepsiblings don’t try to fight it as their impulse to fuck overwhelms them.

Bratty Sis Aria Valencia

My Stepbrother Wants To Feel Me Up - S22:E9

Moving to the couch, Aria lays back and lifts one leg so Jay can sink balls deep into her tight teen pussy. Aria adjusts her position so she’s on her hands and knees so that Jay can take her from behind. Then, Jay brings a seat so Aria can climb onto the cock and bounce away in reverse cowgirl style. Getting off her stepbrothers dick and onto her knees between his legs, Aria resumes her blowjob. As Jay gets closer to busting his nut, Aria keeps talking dirty about how much she fantasizes about him cumming all over himself right in front of his mom. That last bit gets Jay off, prompting him to blow his hot load for their mutual satisfaction.

Actors: Aria Valencia