Doughnut Hole Dick!

Doughnut Hole Dick

Doughnut Hole - S7:E5

Emma Hix tosses her long blonde mane out of the way while she takes off her clothes in her bedroom. Her super skinny body is so incredibly fuckable. Emma thinks she’s alone, but her doughnut hole dick stepbrother Justin Hunt pervs on her through the crack in the door. With this incredible view, he can’t help but pull out his cock and start masturbating as he watches his smoking hot half-naked stepsister.

Desperate for some action, he decides to make an excuse to walk in on Emma by offering her some donuts. Emma will have nothing of the devious ploy and kicks him out of the room. Undeterred, Justin mixes things up and tries a different tactic with the donuts. This time he cuts a hole in the box and sticks his dick into it. He tells Emma if she wants a donut, she has to bob for it by closing her eyes and leaning in without hands. She agrees, but the second her tongue touches the head of her stepbrother’s cock she pulls back.

Justin offers Emma Hix the whole box of donuts if she sucks his dick, and Emma agrees. Soon she’s got her stepbrother’s fuck stick buried between her sweet lips so she can stroke the base and deep throat the tip. Eventually, Justin coaxes Emma to climb on board his dick. Once his cock is buried to the hilt in Emma’s pink porn twat, she knows she has a new favorite sex toy.

Glazed Donut Cum

Doughnut Hole Dick

Rocking her hips, she bumps and grinds while riding Justin to her heart’s content. Falling onto her back with Justin between her thighs, Emma Hix keeps moaning as her stepbrother brings her to orgasm. Then she gets on her hands and knees so he can pound her teenage pussy from behind until she cums again. As Justin pulls out to glaze (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun) a big load all over his stepsister’s ass, Emma’s mind goes back to the Step Siblings Caught doughnut hole dick she was promised.

Actors: Emma Hix