Going In Head First!

Going In Head First

Chloe Temple Step Siblings Caught

Chloe Temple is getting ready to go on a girl’s night out. Taking her time to enjoy her tight teen body in front of the mirror, she slides into a sexy little black dress. After high heels, the last piece is a necklace. She can’t get the clasp to work, so she calls her stepbrother, Codey Steele, for assistance. Codey does as Chloe asks, then says he wishes he could go with her that evening. Chloe gently tells him that he can’t, but Codey grabs her wrist, Going In Head First with a kiss.

Chloe thinks about leaving for her night out. However, after a brief moment, she turns back and tells Codey he has ten minutes fuck time. With one condition. He can’t mess up her makeup. Codey can work with that. He goes for those hot little titties and then lifts Chloe to the counter so he can hike up her miniskirt and eat her young teen pussy. Dropping to her knees, Chloe pulls Codey’s hard-on out, going in head first to swallow his lengthy shaft.

It’s been A Long Time Cumming as she turns around and leans over the counter to have her stepbro slide in from behind. They relocate to the bedroom, where Chloe delivers another blowjob and then rides Codey in reverse cowgirl until her teen pussy quivers in orgasmic delight. Turning around, she impales in cowgirl before falling onto her back. She locks eyes with Codey until he pulls out to nut on her tight stomach, consummating their One Big Horny Family fuckfest.

Chloe Temple Step Siblings Caught

Going In Head First - S23:E4

Seductive teen slut Chloe Temple is a consummate flirt who gets what she wants sexually, guaranteed. This petite co-ed is never shy about going after a long hard cock or licking teen pussy lips. She’s an expert at using her talented tongue to get her way through spoken words or using her mouth for something much more fun. Like going in head first to deep-throat your cock!