Sister Kenzie Madison!

Sister Kenzie

Kenzie Madison Step Siblings Caught

Kenzie Madison has just the costume to get under her preacher dad’s skin: A sexy nun. She’s had an ongoing relationship with her stepbrother, Kyle Mason, so she calls him in to help her zip into the sheer outfit. Kyle is alarmed at Sister Kenzie and her choices since they’re supposed to do a bible study with their dad. Nonetheless, he’s surprisingly turned on by the outfit.

Kenzie tries to cajole Kyle into a quickie, but he is concerned that they will get caught and into trouble. Kenzie is persistent, so she eventually gets her way with her brother’s dick in her mouth. She keeps on sucking until their dad calls them in for bible study. Kenzie takes a moment to change back into her regular clothes before joining Kyle and her stepdad, Chris Valiant, in the living room.

She doesn’t quit teasing Kyle every time her dad is distracted. When Chris goes to take a phone call, Kenzie pounces. She goes back to exploring Kyle’s hardon with her mouth. Then lifts her skirt and slides her teenage pussy down on his impressive fuck stick. When Chris returns, the two stepsiblings barely have time to make themselves presentable. Retreating to the other side of the sofa, Kenzie waits until her stepdad leaves.

Step Siblings Caught Fucking

Sister Kenzie - S11:E3

Then she slips her hand between her thighs to entice Kyle to give it to her once again. He gives in, taking his horny stepsister on her back and then as she kneels on the couch. Pulling out to cum all over Kenzie’s back, Kyle is just finishing up when Chris rejoins them and catches them enjoying the afterglow of XXX Bible Study sex. For more Sister Kenzie Madison, check out her young pussy getting pummeled coupled with some impressive lesbian sexcapades at Adult Empire Unlimited, All Girl Massage, Bratty Sis, and Devil’s Film!

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