Alina Lopez is Studying Hard!

Alina Lopez is Studying Hard

Alina Lopez is having a rough time with her studies. However, that’s quite alright since this tight teen Latina has the urge to merge onto a life of easy street luxury. She’s socializing on the couch texting with her BFF’s when her mom, Kit Mercer, and new step sibling, Rion King, arrive home. Kit is pissed as to why Alina isn’t studying intently as she promised.

Alina turns into quite the bitchy stepdaughter and becomes a complete cunt in the process of defending herself. Stepmother Kit then suggests that Rion provide assistance to Alina and tutor her to better grades. This plays right into horny Alina’s plan. As soon as Kit Mercer leaves, Alina starts making moves on Rion. He tries to disengage, however, his sister is hot as balls, and his cock is becoming harder by the second.

Suddenly, Alina starts juggling her teen tits. She continues to taunt Rion with her boobs before we discover that she has Rion’s fully engorged cock in her grasp. Then we see the sultry teen stroking it fast and hard before placing a well-placed drop of spit on the head. Now, Alina displays her adept cock sucking skills. It doesn’t take long for the Tight Pink Teens team to see that Alina Lopez as what it takes to put herself at the top of the porn industry.

After Alina has Rion’s cock where she wants it, she turns around and her curvy ass as an invite to doggy style fucking. Rion rams Alina’s tight pink teen pussy from behind with machine-like precision. We must say that both actors enjoyed this position as they stay locked cock to pink pussy for an extra-long period of time. Just when we think Rion’s going to pop on her ass, Alina pulls out to sit on his cock and ride. Kudos to the Nubiles-Film team once again for amazing video angles of teen pussy and puckering asshole getting stretched rhythmically while fucking in film.

Alina Lopez is Studying Hard to Cum

After Alina has cum multiple times, she realizes that Rion cannot hold back much longer himself. Alina moves to the missionary position in order to receive the money shot. Rion’s then lands a precision cumshot on Alina’s boobs. He then tries to suggest that they get back to studying. Alina then offers to blackmail Rion unless he follows her simple instructions. From this point forward, Rion will be doing all her research lest she inform her mother Kit Mercer of their taboo interlude that he’s been coming on to her. Suffice it to say that Alina Lopez has rightfully earned the title of Bratty Sis!

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