My Stepmom Wants To Join In!

My Stepmom Wants To Join In

Aiden Ashley, Lily Larimar Moms Teach Sex

My Stepmom Wants To Join In begins with Lily Larimar and her boyfriend Jay Romero wanting some time to themselves. However, Jay’s stepmom, Aiden Ashley, seems to be everywhere they try to go. The couple starts with a makeout session in the kitchen. Then Aiden wanders in and pervs on them for a minute before making her presence known. She tries to talk to the kids about safe sex. Even so, Jay isn’t having any of it. He grabs Lily and drags her to the bathroom.

Just as they’ve gotten back to it with Jay’s face buried in Lily’s teenage pussy, Aiden drops in on them again. Jay once again takes Lily and drags her out of that awkward situation. The couple tries again in Jay’s bedroom. This time, Aiden lets Lily get her mouth around Jay’s dick before she pops her head in to tell the kids that they’re doing a great job practicing safe sex.

This time, Aiden decides to insert herself into the lovemaking session. Even offering to show Lily how to suck dick even better. Lily and Jay are a bit shy, but Lily loves the idea of giving a better blowjob. So she eventually lets Aiden join her on the bed. The girls work together to suck Jay’s cock and balls. Next Lily hikes up her miniskirt and, with Aiden’s guidance, impales herself on Jay’s hard cock.

Moms Teach Sex Snowball

My Stepmom Wants To Join In - S15:E8

Although Aiden begins by watching and helping Lily enjoy her ride, she also wants a piece of her stepson’s action. Lily is happy to hop off the cock and let Aiden take her turn riding. Then Lily gets on her hands and knees for Jay to bang her pink pussy from behind as Lily feasts on Aiden’s dripping pink porn twat. Eventually, Aiden scoots forward so Jay can give it to her as she lays on her back with Lily riding her face. When the girls are finally satisfied, Lily leans forward over Aiden and resumes sucking his glistening stick until he pops into her mouth. Turning around, Lily snowballs her salty treat with Aiden so they can both enjoy the taboo family result of their, ahem… hard work!