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Teacher Fucks Teens: Goodbye Graduation!

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Teacher Fucks Teens: Goodbye Graduation!

Bambino (seriously?) has just graduated summa CUM laude in this Teacher Fucks Teens video clip entitled, “Goodbye Graduation” from our friends at Nubiles-Porn. His hot as balls former teacher, Ashley Sinclair wants him to receive more than a diploma for sure! These are the kind of moments that every student has fantasized about. And Bambino doesn’t dare fuck up this opportunity for some post graduate extra credit just moments after taking his cap and gown off! Ashley then strips down to her bra and thong before getting on her knees sucks his cock like a golf ball through a garden hose!

Ashley showcases her finest deep throat technique and then disrobes entirely, hopping her tight little body up on her teachers desk. The young Bambino then quickly fills her not so teen pussy with a proper pussy pounding missionary style. After a few minutes of teenage cock, Ashley then turns around to get her pink pussy slammed from behind, doggy style. The Older/Younger two-some screw like they’ve been fuck buddies forever! Next the couple moves things to the couch so that Ashley’s Pink Pussy can climb aboard and ride Bambino POV style. Although fake tits (duh) the staff at Tight Pink Teens marveled at how Ashley’s titties bounce in synergistic rhythm with her pussy pounding.

All good things must “cum” to and end as Ashley has finally had the taboo fuck she has always fantasized about. Having accomplished her goal, Ashley only has one thing left to do and that is milk all the hot young cum from her favorite former students balls. Ashley encourages Bambino to shoot his load deep into her MILF pussy while still buried deep in her juicy honey hole. Ashley Sinclair wants to savor the moment and won’t let any of that young cum go to waste. She climbs off of her latest conquest, feeling his hot semen drip from her pussy walls back onto his still throbbing member. The scene ends as Ashley carefully gets back on her knees, licking Bambino’s freshly fucked cock clean. All in all, another winner from Teacher Fucks Teens: Goodbye Graduation!