Three Steps To Fuck Your Step Mom!

Three Steps To Fuck Your Step Mom

Eva Long Moms Teach Sex

Oliver Flynn’s video on Three Steps To Fuck Your Step Sisters was hugely successful. He figures he can hit big on a sequel, Three Steps To Fuck Your Step Mom. This time, he has his sights on his hot stepmom, Eva Long. Like the taboo plan with his stepsisters, Oliver takes time to lay the groundwork. It’s essential to make his stepmom think that fucking her stepson was her idea, not his! He achieves this by ensuring that “she accidentally-on-purpose” sees him naked. When Eva freaks out, Oliver follows her to her room so he can comfort her.

He follows that up with compliments when Eva complains about her weight, which sets the stage for him to see his Step Moms Big Tits finally! He goes on to let his mom know he thinks she’s beautiful. The final step of Oliver’s plot is to rock his cock in plain sight. When Eva sees it, Oliver acts embarrassed even though he knows his milf seduction is about to come to fruition. Eva assures him that it’s natural. From there, it’s only natural for the hot Mom to make a sexual move. As Oliver had planned all along, Eva has been daydreaming about Oliver’s hard young penis since she saw it earlier.

Once Eva has popped Oliver’s cock out and started stroking it, the Mutual Attraction is undeniable Eva’s sensuous lips are wrapped around Oliver’s manhood, sucking him off in a hot and horny milf blowjob. Getting to her feet and letting her dress fall to the floor, Eva turns around and spreads her ass cheeks. Now Oliver can see her winking browneye and sexually experienced pussy. Her hands shift to fondling her big tits as Oliver leans in for a Sex Tips pussy feast.

Eva Long Moms Teach Sex

Three Steps To Fuck Your Step Mom - S12:E1

Then she warms her Moms Hot Pie on her stepson’s throbbing dick. Oliver then guides his mom with his hands on her hips while she rides him. Her reverse cowgirl ride transitions to Eva Long on her hands and knees, with Mommys Boy Oliver pounding her pierced pussy lips. Then he gets Mom on her back to finish her off with a hand wrapped around her neck. Pulling out, Oliver releases his seed on Eva’s sexy stomach. The final act of his Take Care Of Your Stepmom seduction is complete!

Actors: Eva Long