Lacey Channing as the Squirting Step Sister!

The stunning Lacey Channing and her boyfriend Jason are getting it on missionary style. During this sexual interlude Lacey’s stepbrother, Justin Hunt nearly walks in on them. He’s not impressed at all by Jason’s boring fuck technique.  Furthermore, he’s horrified when Lacey blows him an “I see you” kiss after she’s finished fucking. Talk about busted! Lacey naps on the couch the next morning clad only in a short shirt and panties. Justin can’t help but notice just how wet Lacey’s panties seem to stay. Suddenly, Lacey starts masturbating her shaved pink teen pussy in her sleep. This time, poor Justin honestly tries his best not to watch, to no avail.

In no time at all, Lacey plunges two fingers deep into her pink pussy. This time, Justin can’t help but gawk at his sister’s sex show. Ever the tease, Laceys reveals that she playing possum while playing with her teen pussy. Horny as hell, she then leads Justin into the bedroom. Lacey then offers to fuck her bother but, only if his dick is hard for her. Lucky for Justin, it is! Lacey is impressed by the length of Justin’s fuck stick and falls to her knees. She then plans on rewarding her stepbrother’s cock with the blowjob of his young life.

After enjoying Lacey’s oral prowess, the siblings get naked and Lacey pushes Justin onto her bed. From this point on Justin’s dick is hers! Laceys moves on top and positions her tight pink pussy directly over the throbbing head of Justin’s fully engorged member. Laceys rides Justin like a bucking bronco and its impossible to count the number of times she cums on her brothers cock! Finally, it’s Justin’s time to erupt as Laceys climbs off his cock and assumes the missionary position. Lacey spreads her legs wides as Justin slams her silly until he pulls his cock out to cover his sister’s belly in baby batter. Lacey rubs her fingers through his cum shot and savors the freshly fucked flavor!

Actors: Lacey Channing