Pristine Edge Pushes the Edge!

Pristine Edge Pushes the Edge!

Holy fuck, no wonder they call this amazing addition to the XXX community, Pristine! Barely legal teen fox Pristine Edge understands that the means to maintain her lover Ryan Ryder returning for even more teen pussy is to tease him mercilessly. After having him “enjoy the show,” she seductively touches her body over her bra and afterwards glides her hand to the pink teen pussy promise land below. Pristine then creeps forward to take out Ryan’s penis to ensure that it is properly taken care of pre-fuck. Ryan then feasts on Pristine’s “All You Can Eat Pink Pussy” buffet lapping at her luscious hairless fuck opening. Once satisfied foreplay-wise, Pristine spreads her legs as well as prepares herself for an overall fuck fest! She takes it hard on her back and afterwards on her knees for a doggy style pussy battering.

Pristine then climbs on top as she reaffirms herself as one of the hottest upcoming porn stars of today. Pristine pulses with energy and excitement as her orgasms until now have actually simply been a heat up for the centerpiece, where she climbs up into Ryan’s stiffy and proceeds to ride him with steeplechase like precision. Pristine is in total command of her pink pussy, pumping her hips backwards and forwards squirting girly cum as she confidently covers her lovers mid-section and the bed. Watching Pristine squirt is worthy of a rewind but, not before sucking Ryan to a nice orgasm as she stroke and licks the head with warm mischievous mouth. One thing is for sure; Pristine Edge is the “Ultimate Girlfriend Experience” and definitely a Tight Pink Teens Kinda Girl!

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