My Stepsis Is Extra!

My Stepsis Is Extra

Madi Collins, Step Siblings Caught

Jay Romero’s stepsister, Madi Collins, is so extra that it’s holding her back. Jay tries to indulge her, but eventually, his patience wears thin. He offers to help Madi stop being extra. Madi accepts, so Jay instructs her to wear a bathing suit and meet him in the shower. Madi’s first challenge is when she walks into the bathroom and sees that her stepbrother is naked. Jay cannot deny My Stepsis Is Extra. He patiently explains that no one wears a swimsuit in the shower unless they’re extra. So Madi agrees to take her bikini off.

She joins Jay in the shower, where he says he will start with warm water and then slowly make it colder. Madi wants out ASAP once the water starts cooling off, but Jay tells her she needs to wait until her nipples are extra hard. Madi insists he feels them so he can check if they’re hard enough. With Jay’s hands on her tits to ensure she doesn’t have to endure more discomfort than necessary, Madi learns how to master cold water. Next, Jay tells his step sis that she will have to learn how to take a big cock.

That’s the only way Madi will learn how to tackle hard things. Madi is nervous, but Jay insists she needs to learn. Eventually, Madi agrees but can’t like it because she’s Jay’s stepsister. Madi leans against the shower wall and takes every inch of Jay’s big dick. Agreeing that maybe it is, in fact, okay to like “hard” things. She also realizes she doesn’t care if Jay is her stepbrother. Madi wants him to fuck her. They get out of the shower and into bed, where Madi climbs on top of Jay and tries him on for size in reverse cowgirl, which gets her feeling nice and hot for more.

Madi Collins Step Siblings Caught

My Stepsis Is Extra - S19:E5

Climbing off to lick her juices off Jay’s throbbing cock, Madi turns around on her hands and knees. Now Jay can fuck her from behind. Getting it in doggy makes the horny redhead moan long and loud, which makes Jay double down on how hard he gets her to take it. He rolls Madi onto her back and pins her knees up by her shoulders to open her up nicely. Watching that young pussy gobble his dick and knowing his stepsis has even squirted for him is the ultimate aphrodisiac for Jay. He eventually spoons behind Madi to give her one more climax. When Madi has sucked Jay to the brink of cumming, she opens her mouth to take his cum shot as a good stepsister should. Jay pronounces Madi Collins well on her way to fixing her extraness.

Actors: Madi Collins