Keeping My Stepson Up Until Midnight!

Keeping My Stepson Up Until Midnight

Lauren Phillips Moms Teach Sex

The premise is simple in Keeping My Stepson Up Until Midnight. Redhead milf Lauren Phillips intends to keep her stepson, Ricky Spanish, awake until midnight to ring in the new year officially. Ricky is so tired that he can’t help himself from falling asleep. When Lauren can’t get through to Ricky by talking to him, she gets the idea to put on some sexy lingerie that shows off her incredible nature boobs and tease him into staying awake. Ricky is shy and would never ask for his stepmom’s inappropriate affection.

However, with Lauren offering her voluptuous body to him, he puts up token resistance at best. It’s not long before Lauren shoves her huge knockers into Ricky’s face, insists he goes ahead, and feels her up. While Ricky is handling her sweater puppies, Lauren instructs him to suck the nipples, which Ricky does. Lauren’s next trick in Keeping My Stepson Up Until Midnight is to lay back on the sofa and have Ricky slide her lingerie aside so he can get better acquainted with her manicured womanhood.

With Rickey getting Sex Lessons From Mama, he soon finds himself finger-banging his horny stepmother. That’s just the beginning of their New Years Suck And Fuck as Lauren has them relocate to the bedroom to Do What Mom Says. With Ricky naked on the bed, Lauren begins their taboo fuck fest with a hot milf blowjob and a titty fuck. That lets her gradually move up Ricky’s body so she can impale on his hardon and ride him hard in cowgirl. Watching that ample bosom bounce is a great punctuation to Ricky’s Cock Hungry Stepmom riding his dick!

Lauren Phillips Moms Teach Sex

Keeping My Stepson Up Until Midnight - S16:E10

Lauren gets on her hands and knees next, as Ricky enjoys the view of her big ass while he bangs her in the doggy. Wanting more bodily contact, she rolls onto her side so her stepson can spoon behind and slide in once again. On her back missionary, Lauren insists that Ricky greet the new year by pulling out and splashing his Step Moms Big Tits with a hot load of cum. If you enjoyed Keeping My Stepson Up Until Midnight, check out big tit milf Lauren Phillips at Family Swap and Mom Lover!