Mom Helps Out!

Mom Helps Out

Kate Bloom, Adira Allure Moms Teach Sex

Adira Allure is worried about her stepdaughter, Kate Bloom. Kate has a sweet enough boyfriend, Seth Gamble, but the two are too shy with one another. Adira worries they may break up, leading Kate to eventually get in with the wrong crowd. Deciding to take matters into her own hands, Adira (aka Mom Helps Out) marches into the living room and starts belting out orders.

Soon Seth has his hands on Kate’s tits while she rubs his throbbing member. Adira finds that she likes watching her stepdaughter and her boyfriend have their first sex play. Reaching for her boobs and snatch, she rubs herself over her clothes. Since Kate and Seth are agreeable, Adira continues issuing directions. She gets Kate to take her shirt off for the whole titty experience.

Then she has Seth pull Kate’s panties aside and touch her bare twat. Of course, Kate soon finds her hand wrapped around Seth’s fuck stick with her mom’s help. Then Adira urges Kate to lay on her back and let Seth stick it in. Once she gets an eyeful of her stepdaughter fucking Seth, Adira can’t wait another moment to join in. The missionary position is just the beginning.

She takes off her clothes and gets on her knees so Seth can wind his hand in her hair and fuck her doggy style. Once Kate has watched her milf mom getting fucked from behind, she wants a piece of that action. Then Adira shows her how to ride Seth’s fuck stick. Kate enjoys some reverse cowgirl action, but Adira isn’t about to let her horny daughter have all the fun.

Moms Teach Sex Facial Finale

Mom Helps Out - S11:E10

She climbs onto Seth’s stiffie and rides him in cowgirl while burying her face in Kate’s teenage pussy. Once Seth has satisfied both girls, they get down on their knees to suck Seth off. He rewards them each with a mouthful of cum. Now Adira Allure is confident that she has helped her stepdaughter move forward with the right person.