Stepsister Throws Me A Bone!

Stepsister Throws Me A Bone

Bratty Sis Stepsister Throws Me A Bone

Bratty Sis Elizabeth Jolie is tidying up around the house while her lazy stepbrother Tyler Nixon is laying around with nothing to do. She asks him what’s wrong, and he gives her some lame complaints. Including the fact that his hands hurt so bad that he can’t even masturbate. Elizabeth takes pity on him and wraps her sexy lips around Tylers neglected cock. Stepsister Throws Me A Bone has an entirely new meaning as she sucks him off until he cums in her mouth while swallowing every last drop. A good sister should, right?

Later, Elizabeth Jolie is hanging out with her BFF Adria Rae. Tyler sneaks into her bedroom and peels down Elizabeth’s shorts and thong. Whipping out his stiffie, he slides into Elizabeth’s tight pink teen pussy from behind. His long strokes are silent and slow as he doesn’t want Adria to catch him fucking his own stepsister. Their secret step-sibling sex brings Elizabeth off, at which point Tyler pulls his cock out and leaves the room.

Apparently, Tyer has been hiding some masseuse skills and asks if he can practice his massage techniques on both Elizabeth and Adria. It’s only a matter of time before he’s caressing Elizabeth’s breasts while Adria watches and fingers her wet teen pussy. Soon the massage turns into a full-fledged threesome while Tyler aggressively finger fucks both hot teen girls. Then he welcomes two sets of lips on his dick for a double blowjob.

When Tyler takes his place on the massage table, Elizabeth climbs onto her stepbrother’s hard cock to fuck him hard while her best friend gets ready for some loving as well. next, Adria positions her teen twat above Tyler’s face so that he can lap up her pussy juices while Elizabeth bumps and grinds on her brother’s dick. After another brief blowjob to taste her best friend’s pussy, it’s time to swap places.

Bratty Sis Threesome Finale

Step Sister Throws Me A Bone - S1:E12

Adria switches places with Elizabeth Jolie so that they can allow Tyler the opportunity to pleasure them both with his dick. Wanting more, Elizabeth gets on her hands and knees for a doggy style pussy pounding from behind. Adria Rae wants to be fucked doggy as well and Tyler is more than eager to oblige. This position is a perfect cum landing as Tyler pulls out to blast his load all over Adria’s ass. The Bratty Sis and BFF  leave with both tight teen pussies satisfied sexually. Stepsister Throws Me A Bone takes on a whole new meaning from now on!