Handling My Stepsister!

Handling My Stepsister

Handling My Stepsister - S21:E5

Handling My Stepsister stars Kyler Quinn who has a new stepbrother in Juan Loco. She sees it as an opportunity to have someone at home who will do her bidding. As Kyler gets closer to shark week, she begins training Juan to handle her. It starts with sending him to the store to buy her tampons. That’s just the first of many demands Kyler makes of Juan. He delivers on all things, but Kyler warns him that she gets extremely horny pre-period. So he’d better stay away from her unless he wants his balls drained.

Kyler’s warning becomes a reality when she calls Juan to her bed and asks him to give her a foot massage. At first, it’s precisely what Kyler claimed it would be, but she keeps asking him to move higher. Eventually, there’s no higher he can go without rubbing Kyler’s teenage pussy. Juan tries to pull back, but Kyler warns him about her horniness, and she’s not letting him back out now.

She gets him to put his hands on her teen tits, then shoves him backward so she can take control of her own. Popping Juan’s hard-on out of his pants, Kyler goes for a deep-throat blowjob that leaves Juan eager to see what else his crazy step sister fucker can do to him. Kyler begins her demonstration by straddling Juan’s hips and sinking balls deep, so she’s riding his rigid rod.

Bratty Sis Kyler Quinn

Bratty Sis Kyler Quinn

When she hops off the dick and gets on her hands and knees so Juan can do her doggy style, Juan obediently plunges deep into his stepsisters tight young pussy. Kyler rolls to her side so that Juan can deliver some spooning sex. Then rolls onto her back to let Juan continue to do all the work for her sexual pleasure. Once Juan pulls out and nuts on her pink porn pussy, Kyler gives him her seal of approval as a good stepbrother who knows how to handle his stepsister!

Actors: Kyler Quinn