Just Taste It Maya Kendrick!

Maya Kendrick hops in the shower to freshen up. Beforehand, she gives her horny brother T. Stone permission to use her new tablet. What Maya doesn’t know is that horny T. can view her sexy silhouette in the shower. Faced with such an enticing visual of his sister, T. can’t help himself. He decides the only thing he can do is pull out his big cock and start masturbating to his sister. It is only a matter of time before Maya discovers him beating his meat. Thankfully, just in time to give him her towel to keep him from blowing his messy load all over her bed!

Later in the day, T. returns to Maya’s room, one might think to apologize. But, no! He lets Maya know that he doesn’t want to masturbate to her any longer. T. wants to fuck her, his very own sister! Surprisingly, Maya agrees, and soon T. is delivering a pink teen pussy fingering. Maya lifts her shirt to squeeze her teen titties as T. keeps working her pink pussy. Maya’s moans grow louder as her stepbrother removes his fingers from her twat and swaps it for his meaty cock.

Maya the turns over and gets on her hands and knees. Yes, you guessed it. Doggy style! Brother T. gives her teen pussy another quick finger bang before fucking her from behind. Enjoy the always awesome Nubiles-PORN camera work as they capture some truly special POV moments. The horny couple then tries a myriad of sex positions before Maya climbs on top of this throbbing member. This position is undoubtedly one of her favorites as she (with the help of some expertly applied clit stimulation) cums so fucking hard she squirts! Winding down, Maya sucks her brother’s cock until he explodes in her cum hungry mouth. Yes indeed, Maya Kendrick passes the Bratty Sis test with flying colors!

Actors: Maya Kendrick