Use What You Got!

Use What You Got

Alli Rae, India Summer Moms Teach Sex

Jessy Jones enjoys quality time when his hot stepmom India Summer walks in on him, fapping away. She’s deeply concerned about his constant masturbation to teen porn. When India tries to talk to her stepson about it, Jessy confesses his concerns about whether penis size matters. He then adds he’s unsure if he’s satisfying his girlfriend, Alli Rae. After briefly discussing Why Do Guys Cum So Fast, India tells him to Use What You Got! India suggests that maybe Jessy needs to build up his stamina by edging.

She then offers to give him some motherly insight into his penis size. India is surprised to find out that Jessy is quite well-endowed. The hot milf fondles his cock and can’t resist putting it in her mouth. Then Alli arrives in the background! Watching India suck off her boyfriend’s cock gets Alli’s tight ten pussy dripping wet. Once she walks in, the girls help Jessy increase his confidence and overcome his premature ejaculation problem. The girls put on quite a show for Jessy, with a triple tongue kiss and India sucking on Alli’s perky tits before stripping naked.

It’s all about Jessy now as the girls take turns wrapping their hot lips around his dick for a double blowjob. India plants her landing strip in Jessy’s face, instructing him to eat her out while she and Alli work his cock. India then slides down on Jessy’s lubricated cock so that he fills her juicy vagina. It’s impossible for Alli to contain her excitement any longer. She buries her face between India’s sexy legs, licking India’s engorged clit with long wet tongue strokes while Jessy works his dick.

Alli Rae, India Summer Moms Teach Sex

Use What You Got - S4:E2

Next, it’s Alli’s turn to get fucked hard. She slides onto her boyfriend’s cock in the cowgirl position, which lets her set the pace and the penetration. India encourages the Young Lovers to overcome Jessy’s little problem. When Alli finishes her cock ride, she climbs on top of India. Now Jessy can pound a double stack of pink porn pussy. Alternating between milf pussy and teen pussy, he gets to set the pace. This makes it easy for him to give both girls a much-needed orgasm. Once Jessy has conquered his sexual fears, he pulls out to drop his nut all over Alli’s back.