Step Sister Wants To Be A Pornstar!

Step Sister Wants To Be A Pornstar

Bratty Sis Samantha Reigns

Bratty Sis Samantha Reigns has had some time to think about what she wants to be when she grows up during quarantine. She calls her stepbrother, Jason, to bounce her idea off of him. Samantha points out that her friends post nudes to social media and make tons of money. If Jason takes nudes of her, she offers him a Step Sister Wants To Be A Pornstar percentage of the profits. Jason can be bought, so he eventually agrees.

Soon enough, Jason is snapping photos of his hot stepsister as she strips and strikes sexy poses. When Jason seems comfortable with the situation, Samantha pushes her luck even further. She says that her friend gets way more money when she takes pictures with her boyfriend. Jason eventually lets her coax him into putting his dick in the picture. On his back, Jason allows Samantha to pull his cock close and start sucking.

Samantha’s surprisingly good with her hands and mouth. Jason is nice and hard in no time as he keeps taking pictures. When she eventually suggests that the best money is made with hardcore sex pics, Jason quickly agrees. Climbing onto Jason’s cock, she slides down until her tight teen pussy is full of dick. Then Samantha throws her head back as she bounces away. Next, she turns around so that Jason can get pics of her booty quivering as she rides him in reverse cowgirl.

Bratty Sis Samantha Reigns

Step Sister Wants To Be A Pornstar - S15:E4

Doggy style is another position that lets Jason bang his hot stepsister without being on film. Samantha’s moans get longer and louder as Jason gets into the rhythm of pounding her young pussy. Rolling onto her back, Samantha spreads herself wide open for Jason to finish her off one last time. A moment later, Jason gives in to Samantha’s begging and pulls out to cover her in his cum shot. Smiling with satisfaction, Samantha Reigns speculates that she’s going to make a fortune with these shots and the ones they’ll keep on creating.

Actors: Samantha Reigns