Taking Care Of My Step Bro!

Taking Care Of My Step Bro

Lilly Bell, Alex Coal Bratty Sis

Now that Jay Romero has hurt his wrist, Alex Coal does everything for her stepbrother. This is when Taking Care Of My Step Bro gets weird. Alex’s BFF, Lilly Bell, is weirded out by how much Alex does for Jay. Lilly can’t help but believe there’s more going on between the stepsiblings than just Alex taking care of injured Jay. Lilly grows even more suspicious when Alex draws a bath for Jay. She then kicks Lilly out so she can bathe him. Just as Alex is soaping Jay’s cock, Lilly barges in and confirms her suspicions that more is going on between the stepsibs.

Alex denies it, but Lilly doesn’t believe one word. She flashes her teen tits to Jay to get him hard. That upsets Alex, claiming that Lilly has increased the workload she has to do. The stepsiblings then move to the bedroom, where Alex starts jerking Jay off. After all, he has his fully engorged penis needs taken care of. In an effort to make him cum faster, she starts sucking Jay’s dick. Watching Alex suck her stepbrother’s cock sexually arouses Lilly. She starts rubbing her perky boobs, then boasts she can make Jay cum faster.

Shoving Alex out of the way, Lilly turns it into a Step Sister Competition. Alex isn’t about to let Lilly win, so she pushes away so they can tag team his dick. When Jay still hasn’t busted his nut, Alex gets him to lie on the bed. Then she climbs onto his cock and rides him in reverse cowgirl. She swears it’s still all about taking care of my step bro, but Lilly still finds it hot enough that she finger fucks her tight teen pussy as she watches. Next, Lilly gets to enjoy Alex’s dick as he kneels in front of her so he can shove it in balls deep.

Bratty Sis Alex Coal, Lilly Bell

Taking Care Of My Step Bro - S16:E5

Alex then takes the opportunity to climb onto Lilly’s lips for a tongue ride. Getting on her hands and knees, Alex enjoys a doggy-style pounding while she feasts on Lilly’s hairy teen pussy. The girls swap spots so Lilly can get the same lesbian treatment. Now that Jay has given both girls orgasms, he pulls out and slashes his hot load all over Lilly’s ass and Alex’s gorgeous face. Lilly promises not to tell anyone that Alex is fucking her stepbrother as long as she can be part of some taking care of my step bro sex!

Actors: Alex Coal / Lilly Bell