Katy Rose is a Fabulous Fuck!

Katy Rose is a Fabulous Fuck

Petite Ballerinas Fucked

Katy Rose is a cum hungry spinner who gets her teen pussy all heated up as she works out on the ballet barre. It doesn’t take her long to get distracted by her ballet coach and mentor Ricky Rascal. Ricky loves watching (who the fuck wouldn’t?) Katy works out. However, he’s considerably more interested in a different form, the female body! Ricky lifts up her miniskirt, pulls her wet thong aside, and devours her tight pink teen pussy.

It’s at this point where we hear Katy’s delicate moans and groans as her sexual energy occupy the room. Ricky then removes his clothes so his petite ballet dancer can suck him off. After showing her outstanding flexibility and oral skills, Katy gets stripped also. Offering her mouth a reprieve, she climbs onto Ricky’s hardon as she impales her tight twat with hard cock. Moving her hips in an enticing cadence, she utilizes the barre for additional equalization while buckling down for both of their pleasure.

Things get much kinkier when Katy gets up on her feet to let Ricky screw her doggy style from behind. He lifts her so just the barre is helping hold her weight as he continues his pink pussy pummeling. Katy finds it difficult to control her wet pussy from multiple orgasms as her coach teaches a new form of training. It doesn’t take long for Katy to end up on her back with Ricky getting down to business on her barely legal honey hole.

Petite Ballerina Fucked Finale

Cumming on Katy Rose

Ricky then focuses on his cum as he works himself to the edge. Pulling out at the last possible second, he lets Katy enjoy the final movement of the performance. Ricky then nuts on Katy Rose’s tight tummy and between her teen tits.  For those of you unfamiliar with Petite Ballerinas Fucked, it’s time to get better acquainted. The Nubiles-Porn Network knows how to recruit and cast barely legal teen cuties with the best in the business. Grab some tissue and see for yourself!

Actors: Katy Rose