Rate The Facials!

Rate The Facials

Rate The Facials - S23:E3

Who better than Leana Lovings, Andi Rose, and Maya Woulfe to comment on and Rate The Facials? If anyone knows how to take a hot load on their face, it’s these lovely young women. The girls are getting hotter and hornier by the minute as they watch and comment on cumshot after cumshot. As the cum flies, each shares their professional sex worker’s opinion of which teen facial was their favorite. They elaborate on their favorite parts of sex and male anatomy and why.

Later, the girls are asked about the hottest way to take Something Sticky on their faces. Leana adds that her fave is when her stepbrother nuts all over her face with her BFFs there to play with the result. Cum Hungry Andi and Maya agree to participate in a treat for all lovers of oral sex. The taboo trio struts into the living room with one thing on their minds. This Step Sis Likes To Suck Dicks! Now, Leana’s stepbrother, Jay Romero, awaits his lucky fate.

He’s not sure what to expect. Being pounced on by three of the hottest teen sex pornstars can’t be bad. Right? Despite Jay’s initial confusion, there’s no time to be Distracted By Dick as the triple blowjob begins. Leana starts the party by taking Jay’s cock down her throat. Then Maya and Andi soon get their turns showcasing their oral expertise. The girls are now ready for serious group sex, stripping down as they tease Jay by playing with their smoking hot bodies.

Andi Rose, Leana Lovings, Maya Woulfe Step Siblings Caught

Maya Woulfe, Leana Lovings, Andi Rose Step Siblings Caught

Leana takes the first ride on her stepbrother’s dick, impaling herself in cowgirl. Then she lets Maya take a turn in reverse cowgirl. Andi then gets on her knees in the middle, with Jay fucking her doggy style as she licks Leana’s creamy teenage pussy. The ladies build a dream teen pussy stack, with Leana taking Jay’s dick first. He then does Maya and concludes the foursome by plowing Andi balls-deep. Finally, the freshly fucked babes prove it’s Easy Cum Easy Go as Andi and Maya watch Leana savor the flavor of her brother’s semen. Tight Pink Teen fans, how would you rate the facials?