Doing More Than Home Work!

Doing More Than Home Work

Jewelz Blu, Lily Larimar Step Siblings Caught

Lily Larimar and the good stepsister friend Jewelz Blu are doing their homework on the computer while Lily’s stepbrother, Tyler Nixon, hangs out in the same room on his phone. The girls attract Tyler’s attention with their giggles and ask him to help them. Eventually, Tyler agrees to give them a hand. Coming to sit behind the girls where they’re on their knees. Soon they will be Doing More Than Home Work!

Tyler tries to be helpful. However, he is distracted by how their asses look beneath their short skirts. Jewelz knows what’s up. She lifts her skirt and invites Tyler to get as handsy as he wants while Lily remains oblivious. Flipping Jewelz’s skirt up and pulling her thong aside, Tyler sees his sister’s friend’s tight teen pussy is nice and wet for him. Jewelz encourages his attention by grinding her ass against Tyler’s hard-on.

Tyler doesn’t need a further invitation. He grabs that hot ass and slides in balls deep as Jewelz tries to hold the moan to keep from alerting Lily. Eventually, Lily does figure out what her friend and stepbro are up to. She doesn’t say anything. However, Tyler sees her peeking and realizes Lily is wet as well. She agrees to let Tyler finger fuck her young pussy as she keeps working on her assignment.

When Tyler asks if he can put another in, Lily agrees. Tyler tries to trick her with his dick, but Lily is game to play. Now that all three of them are in on the fun, there’s no reason to be coy. They all start peeling their clothes off as Tyler and Jewelz make out, and Tyler keeps Lily’s party going with his dick while Jewelz masturbates as she watches the step siblings in action.

Jewelz Blu & Lily Larimar Step Siblings Caught

Doing More Than Home Work - S16:E1

Jewelz keeps her clit occupied while waiting for another ride on Tyler’s dick. He gives it to her when she hops on the couch and spreads her thighs, diving deep as sister Lily licks her nipples. Lily gets another chance to enjoy Tyler’s manhood as she climbs on top of him and takes him deep inside so she can bounce away on his dick. Now that the girls have had their orgasms, they get on their knees to deliver a double blowjob, concluding with Tyler busting his nut in their waiting mouths. The girls enjoy a cum kiss that lets them share their Doing More Than Home Work treat.